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Monday, December 26, 2005

Scanning old family photos

With scanners the glass is the lens of the camera so be really careful not to scratch it.

Keep the glass as clean as possible. A lens cloth and cleaner would be a good idea. No window cleaner.

A cloth made to wipe fingerprints and smudges off photos is also good.

The cleaner the glass and the photo the fewer spots and specks you'll have on your scanned image.

I like to scan at 600 ppi. If you plan to print the photo this works. You will need to resize to 300 ppi - leave resample on for this.

As with other photo stuff you do on the computer watch to see which file the scanner is going to put your image in so you can find it later. You might want to start a file named "Scans", that makes it easy to remember where to look.

Your scan will have the edges of the picture and shadows around the edges so open the picture in your image editing software and rotate or straighten it ( wiggles sometimes when you put the lid down ) and then crop and do whatever tweaking and fixing it needs.

The scan may be better than the original at this point.


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