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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Photoshop ??????

Photoshop is generally recognized as the image editor of choice of professionals.

There is Photoshop 7 ( PS7 ), Photoshop CS ( PSCS ), Photoshop CS2 ( PSCS2 ) , Photoshop Elements 2 ( PSE2 ), Photoshop Elements 3 ( PSE3 ), or Photoshop Elements 4 ( PSE4 ). If you ask a question on a board about how to do something in one of these you usually get an answer pretty fast. There are other image editors and they are good softwares and may even be more user friendly. PS has a learning curve but it is so rewarding when you get it.

If you want to do work that requires layers be sure you pick a software that can do them. If you want to run actions choose a software that can run actions and check to see if someone is writing actions that run on your software. There are LOTS of books out there to help you learn PS. When you buy books make sure they are the ones for your specific version of PS.

PSE4 - runs under $100
PSCS2 - runs $600 or so.


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