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Sunday, January 29, 2006

What are Conversions ?

This process is called conversion - converting from color to b&w or sepia or chocolate or green or blue or whatever - neon.

You will see people giving away or selling Their Conversions - which is the series of steps they take to get from color to whatever. This can be done in a couple steps or in a multitude of steps.

Some of the multi-step conversions need to be done in a full version of Photoshop. For instance they may open the image then duplicate it on a couple layers then desaturate one layer , gussian blur another layer, then change the opacity on one or all the layers, adjust curves, hue, and levels then sharpen and save then flatten and save again. ( This was made up don't try to make this work )

Each of these conversions have different steps - some may work better for some than for others - or some work better on some pictures than others. When converting to B&W some will give blacker blacks etc.


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