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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Error - Can't find printer, scanner or camera

Make sure the USB cable is hooked to your computer when you turn the computer on ( boot up).

I use the USB cable to download from my Oly P&S and the same cable to download from the DRebel. Make sure the cameras are off when hooking up and make sure the camera is off when unhooking. I use the XP Camera and Scanner Wizard and don't let the computer clear the card. When the images have downloaded I turn the camera off - unhook - then delete the images in camera.

I haven't reformated since putting the cards in the camera - unless the clear all images does it automatically.

I haven't had the cards out of either camera since putting them in other than to show people in my class how they pop out and what they look like.

I use the same method for the desktop and laptop.

I never installed the software that came with either camera.

You can get the camera not found if you plug in the camera after booting up the computer. I leave the USB cable hooked to the desktop all the time so when the computer boots it finds the cable hookup. With the laptop I plug in the USB before booting up. Then when I plug in the cameras and turn them on the computer finds them. My printer hooks up by USB and if I hook it up after booting it only finds the printer half the time. I usually have to hook up then boot for them to find each other.

Lots of I, I, I in this post but there is some controversy over doing things this way - using the cable vs. using a card reader. Card readers are fine - especially if your camera goes through batteries.


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