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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Organizing backup CD's

Sharpie now has special markers for CD's - says so right on them - got mine at Office Max.

I burn the CD - all my pictures are file named year - month - day - So I write the year and month around the center hole on the clear part - then they go in a slim case -

I write the same info on the hinge of the case - then file them hinge end up in Creative Memories Power Sort boxes ( since I don't use them for prints - LOL - finally got all my old family photos scanned, am digi scrapping them so am giving the originals to my SIL. )

I can then just flip through the cases looking at the date info on the hinges. It only takes a few minutes to pop one in the computer and scroll through the thumbnails. Just as fast as looking through contact sheets - and you can enlarge to check if you have the right picture.

I also have on the disc and hinge whether it is originals or enhanced.

They say its best if discs are filed vertical rather than horizontal.


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