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Sunday, April 23, 2006

I've been ask to teach a digital photography class - help

I've been teaching Digital Photography Classes for Adult Ed now for a year. Some thoughts for you:

1 - An avg group would probably show up with P&S's they aren't comfortable with. The cameras may have manual but most won't be ready to go there.

2 - Unless you get a group of digi scrappers ( unlikely at your LSS ) most of them will be computer beginners. If they are comfortable with a computer they may be new to photo editing software.

3 - The eyes of non-computer people glaze over in about 15 minutes when you go to that subject.

4 - When you have a mixed levels class the beginners will glaze over while you answer the questions of the more advanced.

5 - A two hour class is stretching most peoples attention and comprehension limits.

6 - If you have them bring their photos - some won't know how to get them out of their cameras ( still on memory card ) - and every thing everyone says about their pictures better be positive ( hard to control in a mixed group ). I have those with cameras that have cables hook them up to the TV and SHOW us their pictures. No CC is given. If they ask about what they could've done different I try to answer.

A suggestion -

2 hour workshop to introduce the wonderful possibilities of digital photography and your own digital darkroom.

Then present the pluses:

Take lots of photos - no film
No extra pictures printed
Size the way you want.
Color the way you want.
Crop the way you want.
Save money doing your own special occasions.
Make money doing others sessions.
Go anywhere scrapping with laptop.

You get the idea.

Consider how many hours you will use to prepare to teach 2 hours. Time getting to the site and setting up. Time teaching. Time tearing it down, cleaning up and getting home. With the gas prices mileage can also be a consideration. What is your time worth and how much will the market bare.

Adult Ed here pays $12 an hour for the 2 hour class. After you figure in all the time spent it isn't high pay, but I'm enjoying it and having fun so it helps buy me more toys.

If your class goes over really well and you want to do more teaching it would maybe open the door for you to teach more specialized classes.

Next year I'm going to offer:

Intro to Digital cameras ( for those wanting to buy or who have a camera they know nothing about ). Lots of people are getting digital cameras as gifts and don't have clue one on what to do. 2 hrs.

Using your digital camera in auto and mode settings. Two nights - 2 hr classes

Using your digital camera in manual. Two nights - 2 hr classes

Using your computer as your digital darkroom. Three nights - 2 hr classes


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