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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Now you have a new DSLR - where to start

The more computer literate you are the easier it is to "get" digital. These are computers and have a lot of computer characteristics. If you screw it up royal in the menus and settings - turn it off to reset the defaults - or if you somehow changed some defaults you can go back in and reset to defaults and start over.

Most of the terms and actions that have their roots in film photography will come easy to you. Computerized film photography. If you plan to go to raw shooting you need to postprocess - the digital darkroom - PSE4 and PSCS2 both have raw converters - Then you don't need to install the software that came with your camera.

The raw files from the XT have the file extension .CR2 - or you can shoot in jpg - or jpg + raw. You have lots of choices. Just go one choice at a time and you will get there.

You are now digital - you aren't wasting film or developing - take lots of pictures - then you can use the cable that comes with your camera and look at your pictures on the TV if you don't want to load them to the computer to look at. You can see a lot more about the picture when it is bigger.

CAUTION: Always have the camera turned off when you connect or disconnect it from the computer, or TV. Never pop it open and pop out the memory card while it is on. Any of these actions can corrupt your card.

You are starting a great adventure - enjoy the journey. Lots of us are in the same boat with you or are only a month or so ahead of you. Lots of us are new to DSLR's - Canon - Nikon - and Olympus so we are all kind of learning from those up ahead. Welcome.


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