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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Should I use re-writable CD's and DVD's ?

A digital data file has it's set amount of data - it is whatever it is. You can copy or move it forever and it doesn't change.

Jpg files compress data a bit ever time they are opened & SAVED - but if you don't open and SAVE them you can move them forever without them ever changing.

Now - when burning image files as data files you need to check that the whole file burned, if the whole file burned you are set.

The reason that rewritables aren't really considered great is that you could write over and loose the written over files - or say you have 300 images on the disc and go to add more and all of a sudden the disc corrupts.

If you are moving files from one computer to another the disc can quit working or refuse to work in one computer but still work in another. Once in awhile computers get a hair and just do something - like decide to reformat your disc - there goes your data.

I don't have my computers networked so I used to use rewrite CD's to move files from one to the other. It worked most of the time but sometimes I'd get messages about corrupted partitions.

Now I burn my originals to CD's so I just open what I want on the computer I want it on. If you burn and check a regular CD - you either have the data or you don't - not to say that it won't corrupt sometime down the road.

If you and your computer(s) are really good at rewritables you may never have a problem.


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