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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Adding Images at 2 Peas

When posting images at 2 Peas there are four different catagories of images:
1 - those posted in the Photo Gallery
2 - those posted in a post
3 - those to the left of a post - the avatar or profile picture
4 - those that are automatically added at the bottom of the post as part of the signiture

To put your images in the Photo Gallery:
There is a Layout Gallery and a Photo Gallery. Being a scrapbook site the LO Gallery came 1st. You need to post to the Photo Gallery if you want your photos there - but it says LO Gallery in a couple places along the way to the photo Gallery so don't worry about those. Just follow step 2 real close.

1 - prepare your images in an image editor that sizes by pixels - size it to 600 pixels or less on the longest side - 72 ppi/dpi or 300 makes no difference - it's the pixels here. Save.

2 - Sign into 2 Peas
Click on Photography ( Up at the top of the page - the line under the header )
Click on Photo Gallery ( Up at the top of the page )
Click on New Post ( Up at the top of the page )

3 - Post a new Layout Gallery ( this is one or the places where it uses LO Gallery wrong )

Photography Gallery Category - pick one from the list
Private - leave unchecked
Format - leave 8.5x11
Pages - If you want to load 5 pics put in 5
Title - ( example ) Pea & S Self Portrait
Your Album - Skip
Garden - Skip
Comments - ( put in here what you want to say about your pics
- Camera
- Lens - if it is a zoom lens what mm did you use 70mm
- Shutter Speed ( SS ) 1/60
- Aperture ( f stop ) 2.8
- ISO - ( this is a leftover from film days - film came in different speeds - for lots of light - low
light - digital uses the film speed designations ) 400

4 - Hit Submit ( Skip the stuff under Submit )

5 - A new screen comes up - scroll down to the red x's
- hit Browse
- select your picture
- open
- hit submit
- wait for it to load.

6 - A new screen comes up
- scroll down
- your 1st pic should be there. Click browse by red x under your 1st pic
- Select
- open
- submit
- wait.

7 - When all your pics are loaded scroll back up to "update " and click it.

8 - Now go give someone some Pea Praise and give 2 Peas time to load your stuff.

9 - Check gallery - your pic should be there.

To add a picture in a post

2 Peas hosts our LO gallery entry's and our Photography Gallery entry's. If you want a picture under your username, if you want to put a picture in a post, if you want a picture at the bottom of your post - all these have to be hosted somewhere else on the web - 2 Peas won't host them. There are photo hosting sites like Photobucket that let you post some pictures for free. When you upload to Photobucket there is a URL listed under your photo - you copy and paste that address into your profile or post here at 2 Peas and then we see your photo.

For the photo in a post:
- Size your pic in an image editor - not bigger than 600 pixels on the longest side works. 72 - 300 ppi/dpi doesn't make any difference both work
- Upload the photo to a site such as Photobucket
- When you have it uploaded then there is a URL address under it. Copy that address.
- Sign in to 2peas
- start your message
- then click down there where it says Insert Pea Code - click Image
- a box opens - paste your URL ( Ctrl + V ) OK your done. The Html is in your post - it will be the pic after you hit submit.

Do you want an Avatar or Profile picture

These also need to be hosted off site like at Photobucket. They need to be 65 x75 pixels.
- Copy the URL
- Sign in at 2 Peas
- Up top there where it says you are Logged in as ( your user name ) Click on My Home
- then My Profile
- then paste the URL where it has the space for Profile Picture URL
- Update
- you're done

Picture in Signiture at bottom of Post

- size in image editor
- this also needs to be hosted off site like Photobucket, upload, url
- 2Peas sign in
- MY Home
- My Profile
- Then way down at the bottom there is a signiture box - paste your URL there
- click Update
- done. 2peas can be a little slow - so if the pics don't show immediately read a couple posts then check again and your pictures may be there. If not then run through the steps again and check the HTML.


  • At 10:56 AM, Blogger Nicholle said…

    OH MY!!! Thank you so much!!! You have no idea how helpful this is!!!!

  • At 6:58 AM, Blogger Lexi said…

    Meant for my other comment to go here. Ooops! Thanks for adding this. Now I'll know just where to send the newbies since I have answered these questions and sent them to your siggy more times than I can count!

  • At 9:12 AM, Blogger Sara said…

    Wow, Nancy! I've been thinking about you a lot lately- wondering how you're feeling. Boy have you been busy!


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